My Favorite Plants for Lawn Free Landscapes

June 27, 2018

I used to love my lush green lawns when I lived back east,  They were beautiful and easily maintained.   After moving to Dallas, I have come to hate my grass.  It needs constant watering, fertilizing, lawn services and prayer.  Despite all my efforts, I cringe every time I pull into my driveway and see the crab grass, brown spots and nut grass that plague my lawn.


I am slowly admitting defeat and embracing the lawn free landscape style.   I am replacing my grass with pebbles, rocks and decomposed granite,  I am experimenting with low water plants that can take full sun and the oppressive heat that we occasionally experience here in Texas.


My three favorite plants to date are the Mexican Petunia, the Agave and Butterfly Weed.   These troopers tolerate my inferior gardening skills.  They love water, but I don't  have to worry about how much I water them. Sometimes I forget to water them for a few days and sometimes I water them too much.  They are very forgiving.


Mexican Petunias are  a tropical plant and they require a bit more water than many full sun plants.  The reward for a little extra water is a plant that blooms from about April to September.


The Blue Agave  shown below are perfect for the grass-free landscape, but plant  them in an area that will allow them plenty of room to grow,.  These hardy plants can reach as much as 5 feet in diameter.  The  Butterfly Weed is shown in the lower right corner.

 I have just recently started experimenting with  Hesperaloe, which needs very little attention and is  heat and drought tolerant.  It doesn't mind poor soil, either.  It has spiky red blooms that last for several weeks.  These plants seldom need any attention.


Yesterday, I drove by this beautiful home in the Kessler Park area of Dallas and I noted that they too must have grown tired of their grass.  Their entire yard is covered in rocks and low water plants.  After seeing this, I realize, I have a lot of work to do to get rid of my grass......



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