Thinking of using a Big Box Home Warehouse for your Kitchen Remodel?

April 6, 2019


We are currently renovating two kitchens  and we decided to use a big retail home improvement store to purchase the cabinetry and to do the kitchen design.  Although we have renovated many homes over the years, we had never gone to a store like Home Depot or a Lowe's for help with a kitchen.


Our kitchens are almost complete and here are a few things we learned:


1. Choose your kitchen designer carefully.   We had a marvelous experience with one of our designers and not with the other.  We used the staff in the store where we ordered the cabinetry.  Most of the stores have several designers and they have differing levels of experience.  If you are going to use one of their designers, take the time to interview them.


2. Cabinetry is shipped to your home from the manufacturer.  We were told that on average, about 17 percent of the cabinets are damaged when they arrive and have to be sent back.  This slows the remodel process greatly.


Luckily, we had very little damage, so we were not slowed down by having to reorder cabinets, but be prepared for this.


3.  Installation of cabinets is crucial. You can choose to have the store's installer's or your own contractor actually hang the cabinetry.  We used the store installers on one project and our contractor on the other.  We were pleased with both.  


4. Cost.  Overall, there was a big cost savings by using the big box store, and they even have

financing options for large projects.  


5. Counters purchased from these stores are  often not readily available and can cause a big delay,  Unfortunately, counters may take 3 months  after you have had the cabinets installed.  This happened to us at both stores on both of the renovations.  We were forced to choose a counter that we didn't love, just to get the project completed.  



Would I recommend using a big box store for a kitchen renovation?  I would, but only if you are very patient and if your design is simple.  For more complex designs, I would go with a reputable contractor to oversee the project.  I would advise purchasing counters elsewhere.


Stay tuned for more photos of the finished products...


Don Neilson, Realtor

The Neilson Group

Keller Williams Urban Dallas









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